Corporate Principles

Statement of Corporate Principles

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. is committed to practicing the following six corporate principles:

1.  Conduct Fair and Open Business Activities

  • Obey the law and be guided by fairness in business dealings.
  • Resolutely oppose and avoid any illegal or improper business  relationships and practices.
  • Observe the principles of free competition in all our  business decisions.
  • Maintain sound relationships with government officials at  all levels and in all regions.

2.  Develop a Globally Connected Company

  • Respect and capitalize on the cultural diversity of our company and seek to enhance local regional prosperity through DMI’s international business activities.
  • Contribute to regional economic goals by fostering local associations that think globally and adopt international management ideals.

3.  Create Value by Following New Business Visions

  • Be responsive to market and industry forces, but also take the initiative to create change in the markets by providing new products and services.
  • Eliminate outdated ideas and company structures that prevent progress; create new possibilities.

4.  Respect and Encourage Individuality and Originality

  • Respect the individuality of each person and create a work environment in which original thinking can flourish.
  • Encourage individuals to set goals that require self administration or independent, creative action.

5.  Promote Good Corporate Behaviour

  • Maintain a high level of management transparency and openness in the sharing of corporate relations information with shareholders and our various stakeholders.
  • Consider proposals from shareholders and stakeholders on improved management accountability.

6.  Safeguard Environmental and Other Qualities of Life

  • Recognize our global responsibility to be a forest products company that operates in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, taking care to preserve our natural resources for future generations.
  • Recognize our global responsibility to be a good corporate citizen that engages in cultural, social and educational activities that are beneficial to society.