Statement of Commitment

In order to make known DMI’s position on issues of professional conduct, as well as our responsibilities on the world business scene, we deem it important to disseminate to all employees a Statement of Corporate Principles that will guide us in the conduct of our business.

The purpose of the Statement of Corporate Principles is to set standards for corporate behaviour and to act as a guide in business practices for the company as a whole as well as directors and employees of the company individually.

The statement of Corporate Principles expresses six separate elements that not only describe DMI’s business ethics, but also chart our course as the company faces increased global competition. The Corporate Principles act as a guide for all employees on a day-to-day basis.

It is expected that all DMI employees will take on the responsibility of following the Statement of Corporate Principles and incorporating them into their daily work life. In this way we will all play a part in ensuring DMI’s success as a good corporate citizen in the communities where we have our operations and in the countries where we conduct our business activities.