Peace River Pulp Division

Peace River Pulp Division (Peace River, Alberta)

Utilization of DMI Kraft in Papers

The Peace River Pulp Division (PRPD) pulp mill is located in the Boreal Forest pForestregion of Alberta where the slow growing Aspen hardwood and Spruce softwood species are dominant and are used as the raw material in the pulp furnish. Premium pulps manufactured in the Boreal Forest are esteemed by customers all around the world for their aesthetic, structural and strength properties.

The Peace River pulp mill with its most advanced state-of-the-art technology, team oriented management philosophy, and ecosystem management forestry practices, continues to attract pulp and paper industry and academic attention from around the world.
The mill which started up in 1990 has earned the reputation of being innovative, customer focused, quality, safety, and cost conscious and produces consistent bright, clean, and high quality Aspen Hardwood and Spruce Softwood Kraft pulps.

Peace River Hardwood Kraft Pulp

Product Overview and Technical Grade Profile

The short, flat, uniform, ribbon-like fibres uniquely qualify DMI Aspen for tissue, uncoated and coated base stock, photographic, release, technical and other denser lightweight and specialty papers.

DMI Aspen has thin walled fibres and thin walled, low proportion by weight, non interfering vessel elements. These criteria are required for the production of a denser sheet with a higher overall surface strength.

In today’s challenging markets and ever increasing energy costs DMI Aspen pWraphardwood pulp is a practical choice for most paper grades because it is readily refined with minimal energy to produce the desired sheet properties, namely excellent formation, smoothness, strength and a low porosity that is excellent for coating holdout.


Peace River Softwood Kraft Pulp

Product Overview and Technical Grade Profile

Produced with residual chips from Alberta sawmills, this premium grade softwood pulp is the quintessential carrier fibre that exhibits exemplary paper making properties.

pLakeThe major wood species for this pulp grade are White Spruce (85%)and the minor species are Black Spruce (10%) and Lodgepole Pine (5%). The long cold winters and comparatively short dry summers of the Boreal forest result in the development of long, slender, flexible, thin walled fibres. This pulp with its exceptionally well balanced fibre length and low coarseness is readily refined with minimal energy to provide superior sheet strength and superb uniformity and smoothness.

Peace River softwood Kraft pulp is widely used in uncoated and coated papers, tissue and towelling, and in a wide variety of technical and specialty paper grades.



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