January 2015

PRPD has been named one of the Top 65 Employers within Alberta for 2015. An achievement based upon our Team Members, our workplace incentives and environment, and our Leadership group.

January 2014

PRPD has been named one of the top 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in Canada for 2014 and is selected as the Top 8 Elite for Personal and Professional Growth.

February 2014

PRPD has been named one of the top 65 Employers within Alberta for 2014. We are proud of this accomplishment because it recognizes the strength and commitment of our workplace and workforce.

October 2013

PRPD receives the Chamber of Commerce Community Involvement Award for 2013


April 2013

PRPD awarded Alberta Emerald Foundation environmental excellence award in recognition of its Enviroboost program.

September 2010

DMI Peace River Pulp Division celebrates its 20th year anniversary of operation.




July 2010

Minister of State Rob Merrifield announces that DMI Peace River Pulp Division will receive $40.57 million under the Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program for a Green Power Enhancement Project. The project is designed to generate clean, green energy from high-pressure steam and convert it to electricity for export.

October 2009

DMI is very pleased to announce that it has successfully renewed its Forest Management Agreement (“FMA”) with the Government of Alberta. Under this renewal the original forest management area has been split in two to form what are now referred to as the West and East FMA’s. The Agreement’s commence on the first day of July, 2009 and expire on the last day of April, 2029.

September 2009

DMI becomes a member of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC).

February 2009

PRPD is the recipient of the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board 2008 Employer of the Year Award for excellence in apprenticeship and industry training in the North Region.

September 2008

PRPD was named a EnviroVista Leader for its fourth straight year, in recognition for outstanding environmental performance. This voluntary program provides Alberta industrial and manufacturing facilities and municipal water operations with recognition for their environmental excellence. View a short video on this program. To qualify as an EnviroVista Leader, a facility must demonstrate a minimum five years of approved emissions performance, have an audited environmental management system in place and no Alberta Environment prosecutions in the past five years. To remain an EnviroVista Leader, program participants have to renew their status every year.

June 2008

PRPD celebrates 4 years with no Loss Time Accidents (LTA)

January 2008

Seven million tonnes of pulp produced

October 2006

The PRPD successfully completes the external 12-month Surveillance Audit for ISO 9001:2000 standard

September 2006

Japan’s ambassador to Canada, Mr. Sadaaki Numata, along with the Japanese Consul of Economic Affairs, Mr. Akihito Takanashi, and the First Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tomoyoshi Yahagi, visit the Peace River Pulp Division and also to gain a better understanding of the Peace region’s natural resources. “Forestry has always been an important factor in the economic relationship between Japan and Canada” said Mr. Numata. The Japanese investment in DMI is seen as a blueprint for future investment world-wide.

August 2006

Alberta Human Resources and Employment selected PRPD for the Work Safe Alberta 2005 Best Safety Performer Award for exceptional performance in workplace health and safety.

August 2005

Forest Resources Business Unit successful in achieving ISO 14001:2004 Certification. PRPD receives recertification for Alberta Forest Products Association FORESTCARE


In a win-win situation for both the mill and the agricultural community around the mill, just over 5000 tonnes of biosolids from the mill’s effluent treatment facility was applied to farmers’ fields. The application of this by-product to agricultural fields provides the farmers with a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer and should improve soil tilth.

During Environment Week in June, DMI was honoured for its outstanding environmental performance by being accepted as one of the inaugural members of the Alberta Government’s EnviroVista Program.

January 2005
Aspen furnish 100% from portable chipping

August 2005
Alberta Human Resources and Employment selected PRPD for the Work Safe Alberta 2004 Best Safety Performer Award for exceptional performance in workplace health and safety.

February 2004
Environmental Management System ISO 14001:1996 certified

December 2003
Quality Management System upgraded to the ISO 9001:2000 Standard

September 2002
Installation of Kappa and Brightness measuring devices in the bleach plant

September 2002
Digester upgraded to Down Flow Lo Solids operation

April 2002
Started portable bush chipping program

July 1999
DMI’s Peace River Pulp Forest Management Agreement amended until 2009

November 1998
Peace River Pulp converts to 100% elemental chlorine-free pulp

June 1998
New daily production record set in June 1998 at 1360 air dried tonnes of pulp

October 1996
DMI initiates the Ecological Management by Emulating Natural Disturbance (EMEND) Research Project on 1,000 hectares north of Peace River

October 1996
Peace River Pulp passes independent audit and becomes FORESTCARE certified and is rated “Alberta State of the Art” in three of 11 categories

July 1995
DMI and Canfor sign a Forest Management Partnership Agreement to begin ecological management pilot on 700,000 hectares in the P1 and P2 area

January 1994
One million tonnes of pulp produced

December 1993
ISO 9001 certification achieved

July 1990
Successful start-up of the pulp mill in July 1990

September 1989
Daishowa’s first Forest Management Agreement for 2.9 million hectares (29,000 square kilometres) is signed with the province of Alberta

April 1988
Ground work begins

February 1988
Peace River Pulp project receives environmental and licenses approvals

March 1987
Alberta Government and Daishowa announce pulp mill project.