PRPD Woodlands

Welcome to PRPD Woodlands

Life begins in the forest and that is why DMI manages this precious resource with responsible practices. DMI is dedicated to the sustainable use and responsible stewardship of the forest resources entrusted to our care. In keeping with this commitment, DMI has implemented a very deliberate and comprehensive certification strategy for its Woodlands Operations positioning the organization as a world leader.

Certification of forestry activities is considered as a best practice in forest operations and sustainable forest management, and an important tool for market access. Domestic and international market interest in buying wood products from certified forests has increased steadily in the past number of years. While each certification system has unique requirements, they all have one common objective; to provide customers with assurance that the forest products they buy have been produced with environmentally responsible practices.

Forest Certification systems are voluntary and are not regulated by governments. DMI has chosen to pursue the Sustainable Forestry Initiative 2015-2019 for its Forest Management Agreement area with an ISO 14001:2004 certified Environmental Management System providing the foundation and direction. Our certification achievements confirm that we are meeting the highest environmental standards and ultimately, results in higher levels of environmental performance and provides a framework for continued improvement.

In doing so, DMI can demonstrate that that our forest management and operational activities avoid procured wood fibre from:

  • illegally harvested wood;
  • wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;
  • wood harvested in forests where high conservation values are threatened by management activities;
  • wood harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use; or
  • wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.