Donations and Scholarships

DMI Peace River Pulp Division


DMI PRPD and its team members play a vital role in fulfilling our corporate commitment of being a responsible and caring partner in the communities where our Team Members live and work. Under this policy, DMI undertakes to contribute to social and cultural vitality and collective well-being by supporting various humanitarian, community, educational, and health-related activities, and by partnering with various cultural, environmental, or sport-related events.

DMI awards donations and sponsorships to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

o To serve as a good corporate citizen;

o To maintain or improve community relations; and

o To promote its strategic objectives, programs, and services.

Our objective is to improve the quality of life in the surrounding communities where PRPD is present, and to utilize the Donation Policy as another vehicle for communicating important milestones and how PRPD operates.

For more information on the DMI PRPD Donation’s Program, please follow this link:

DMI PRPD Donations and DMI PRPD Donations Form

Scholarships – Helping students to grow and succeed

Support of our northern students is an essential part of DMI Peace River Pulp’s philosophy that only through working together are we able to positively impact our  community and our future.  Northern students, in order to pursue post-secondary education, generally have to travel great distances and reside outside of their home base.  This creates financial challenges that many find overwhelming, which often times impacts the student’s ability to complete their educational pursuits.  It is with this in mind that DMI developed and supports three outstanding scholarship programs:

  1. Team Member Dependent Scholarships
  2. Boreal Landscape Scholarships
  3. STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Maintenance) Scholarships
Each program is unique in design, as each student is unique within their strengths and interests.  We encourage you to apply, as being a part of your success allows us to know we are working towards a future in partnership with the best, the brightest, and most committed of students. Here are some of our past scholarship recipients, which we have been fortunate to have been able to provide financial support.