Doing Business at PRPD

Doing Business at PRPD

The business philosophy at Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. – Peace River Pulp Division (hereinafter referred to as DMI) is built on the basic foundations of trust, co-operation, and accountability and therefore we seek business relationships with Vendor organizations whose business philosophy is based on these same foundations.

As a resource to our organization, Vendors are valued for their vital role in our overall success. It is our desire to work with Vendors in such a manner that the Vendor will want to do business with our organization. DMI considers this to be our competitive advantage.

Vendors can expect the actions of DMI personnel to reflect the following:

  • Recognizing Vendors as a resource based on technical expertise, availability of service or materials, and market intelligence.
  • A cooperative working relationship, particularly as it relates to problem-solving.
  • Managing our expectation of the Vendor based on a recognition that “their costs are our costs.”
  • Honouring the terms and conditions of all contracts, including payment terms.
  • Encouraging continual improvement based on optimal value.
  • Conducting business with reputable Vendors.
  • Respecting and honouring existing business relationships.

Terms and Conditions of the Purchase Order

Pressure Equipment Standard Purchasing Clauses

Sootblower Lance Tube Specification

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