DMI Operating Ground Rules

Operating Ground Rules

Ground rules are the practices used in planning and conducting timber harvesting operations which constitute the methods used to implement decisions made in the FMP and other higher level plans such as Integrated Resource Plans (IRP). In the event that these strategic plans do not exist, the ground rules shall establish practices that minimize the chance of negative impacts from roads, timber harvesting and forest management operations and activities. Authorizations by Alberta do not imply authorization under federal legislation and requirements, notably the federal Fisheries Act and Migratory Birds Convention Act. The proponent must seek advice and approvals of the federal agencies (Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Environment Canada) regarding federal legislation requirements.

The intent is to have an annual review of ground rules if requested by either forest disposition holders or Alberta. This is not meant to be a complete redevelopment but rather an opportunity to fine-tune the ground rules. It is expected that regular reviews will allow participants to plan revisions more systematically and to correct any inconsistencies or problems. It will also create the ability to regularly consider modifications that reflect the best and most current knowledge and tools available.