Team Member Newsletter – Summer 2013

In many cases, when a team member becomes injured or ill we feel the effects of their absence through having to provide coverage, providing help with medical travel or appointments, and we send get well cards hoping they return fit and whole and ready to face the day-to-day chal-lenges of work.  But what we don’t see is the struggle many of our team and families go through on their journey through recovery.  With over 300 team members, we have so many stories of battles against cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, death of a spouse or child, of accidents and physical and mental trauma . . . the list goes on; yet, for many, the struggles continue.  This edition of Pulp Pages is dedicated to our current and past team members who pursue a path of adversity with courage and stamina, and shoulder burdens many of us could never conceive.  Our team members endure and our support of their challenges is unwavering